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Data Science is an interdisciplinary field consisting of methods and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. It encompasses statistics, machine learning, visualization, business analytics, data analytics, and scientific computing. India has demonstrated rapid and sustained economic growth over the last decade and recent developments suggest that a focus on data science is a need of the hour. Taking this into consideration, Institute of Technology, Nirma University has established a Centre of Excellence in Data Science in collaboration with SUNY, Binghamton University, New York, USA.

The Nirma-Binghamton University Centre of Excellence in Data Science will address specific development challenges by: (1) offering a research hub for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, attracting international expertise and practitioners (2) stimulating collaboration between academics, partners and stakeholders; (3) demonstrating the relevance of the centre for innovation, job creation and economic prosperity; and (4) securing resources to stimulate multidisciplinary collaborative international research projects. The Nirma-Binghamton Centre of Excellence is based in Nirma University and will place western regions of India at the forefront of an emerging academic field that will encourage collaborative partnerships between academia, government and the private sector.


  • To establish the Institute as an excellent knowledge resource in the field of Data Science & AI for industry, academia and other organisations


  • To enable development of innovative applications & research, in the field of Data Science and AI
  • To build capacity and ensure that the aspiring students receive the best preparation and training in data science for achieving their career ambitions and life goals