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Team of Nirma University-SUNY Binghamton-New York Centre of Excellence in Data Science has capability to provide consultancy in the fields of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IoT. The faculty members in the team have strong research background in their respective fields and are capable of providing solutions in various domains like Health care, Industrial Automation, Banking and Finance etc.

The team can also conduct training in the following areas:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Big Data Analytics
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Python Programming.

Research Projects (Ongoing/ Completed)

    • Development of a comprehensive technique for soil moisture estimation using L & S band airborne polarimetric SAR data, Funding scheme: NISAR, ISRO
    • Development of advanced algorithms for land use land cover classification using deep learning techniques, Funding scheme: MAHTRAM, ISRO
    • Mining crop cover, crop type and crop stages from L & S band SAR data, Funding scheme: NISAR, SAC-ISRO
    • SAR Polarimetry for Detecting Ocean Surface Targets, Funding scheme: NISAR, ISRO
    • Development of Blind Hyper Spectral Unmixing (BSU) algorithm for water pollutant Identification due to sewage and industry disposals for south Karnataka Coast, Mangalore region, Funding scheme: AVIRIS, SAC-ISRO
    • Oceanic Pollution and other ocean phenomenon monitoring using feature extraction from multipolarized SAR data
    • Study and Development of Domain Adaptive Classification Algorithm for Advanced Earth Observation and Annotation System, Funding scheme: NISAR, ISRO
    • Design and Development of a Scalable Framework for Geospatial/Geoscience Data Ingestion, Ad-hoc Queries and Analysis on Big Data Environment, Funding agency: ISRO
    • Proactive solutions for achieving trust in cloud computing using machine learning Approach, Funding Scheme : DST
    • Eye Gaze Estimation, Funding Scheme : M/s. Azure Knowledge Corporation Pvt. Ltd
    • Optimizing Parallelisation of Legacy Code on appropriate HPC platform, Funding Scheme : DAE-BRNS